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  1. mo ghara ganjam zilla patrapur block khariaguda
    panchayata talapada village mo nama trinath badatya mo ghara pakhare one phasi gacha thila chatare padigala so plz help me mo mobile 09035619792

    1. OTV had a good programme on thursday 10PM named KHOLA KATHA.It has now become the best leg pulling programme in the world. The anchor gets excited while asking questions as if the person is his personal enemy. He should be cool while asking questions. Too much of negativity in the programme. always trying to show the bad things about some body. try to show good and bad both. i dont know if somebody is analysing it or not. the anchor should watch other like programmes in different medias as his method and attitude is too immatured as compared to the stature of OTV as i feel . i may be wrong but yr experts should watch the past episodes and have an analysis.

  2. Hi team,

    Really i like OTV tv odia.. Being an odia, i m very proud to say tht OTV odia very gd news channel.. speciallly NEWS FUSE.. andthe presentation of KUNA Tripathy sir. really sir HATS OFF. u r doing such an wonderful job. i m so happy.

    thanks to new fuse entire team.

    sir i hv small request to u, pls come to our home town BUGUDA(28 KM from ASKA), GANJAM.

    Lots of ppl are facing problem for getting gas cylinder. and distrubutor is making illegal things. not giving bill to consumer. and past 8 yrs hardly 1 to 2% people are getting bill. intensionally they are not giving bill. people are not aware of rule and regulation. i am hardly going to hometown. i did the argument thr. i told them tht i ll call to media. all the things there corrupt. people are suffering alot. distrubutor is not deliever the cylinder to home. ppeople are getting cylinder form depot and same price will be charged by distrubutor. according to rule they are charging high price.

    in our vvillage they hv added some extra rule for getting the gas cylinder.

    pls take the neccesary step sir.

  3. I am working at Rourkela. In my room i have no TV but i love watch to news. When i go to my home i always watch OTV news. Here i missed OTV but one day i could know I can watch OTV through internet. From that day i am regularly watching OTV through internet on line. Really OTV has more professional media person to give us a competitive news in market now. I love OTV please kindly produce some new show through OTV. Thanks OTV team. God Bless OTV.

  4. Dear Prakash,

    Otv is best news channel in Odisha. Request you please take a interview of Dr. Bharata Panda, who has wrote a book “Yuge Yuge Mahendragiri”. he is one of best writer. Now Dr. Panda is live at 3rd lane Neelachal Nagar Berhampur.
    B M Panda
    New Delhi.

  5. i am interested to send some chutkula to the News Fuse , specially to support kuna bhai, His style of presentation is highly admirable and heart touching. Many many regards for him. Please intimate me how can i send it to your team ?

  6. Around the factory area at choudwar which type of pollution is making by the factory authorities specially during after evening it is an open threatening to local people showing that see we r having power..money..and bloody administration is in our pocket.Hav u right to telecast & expose all these nonsenses.All u r flatterers moving around,not to do anything.It is an reflaction to yr add “PROTECT OR PERISH”


  8. I like the news of this channel.it is one of the best news channel in odisha considering the news as well the presentation is concerned.

  9. Today on 28.11.14,during evening at 6 P.M news broadcasting of OTv news channel, Police Commissioner had told that Rastrapati ra , What is this? In the next broadcasting this word had been deleted.
    What is going on ? Please clarify this .
    It is my appeal to OTV.

  10. Respected Team, I am a regular viewer of your channel. I am little bit unhappy regarding the hosting of Satyajit Mishra in Khola Katha programme. It is too arrogant and not cheerful for me, specially the talk show with MLA Radharani Panda, the anchor is showing his fingers to her in very rough mannerable way. Before host Manoranja and previous host is very well, but now-a-days it is very rough to watch and to listen the way he present. please make some correction for this programme.

  11. Today OTv had celebrated Aids awareness Mini Marathon. Good.
    What was your total expenses for today?
    Can you please explain as those are public money.

  12. Why Otv reporters and News readers are leaving Otv and joining some other news channel? They are in other channel not looks better. Request to Otv, they are your gem. Don’t leave them.

  13. Can the value of CRPF jawans limited by money compensation.Why don’t GOI advance focus on bureau information against the naxals.The similar technical strategy should apply for the naxal whatever implemented for combat international terrorism.
    My dear GOVT please clear the internal disturbance then focus,follow and comment pakistan and ISIS.

  14. Please change the anchor of Khola Katha i.e. Satyajit Mishra. His representation is very poor.He is not able to deliver the question properly.

  15. Dear Team, I want a video from the great odisha political circus regarding puri sankaracharya denied to go to chariots of gods belivers. plz plz send the video to my given mail ID. I just loved that episode… plz plz i m requesting you plz send me that video.

  16. In OTV news there is only a best program named News Fuse Otherwise not a 100% grade. The gents news readers are always follows same style to read the news. When they anchoring any Debate in news debate its look like a beggar begging at the street. The Khola KAtha anchor’s face is very ugly when he talke with the guests, change him immediately, Introduce any lady’s face to make the program a great success. Thanks.

  17. I like Otv nd its my fav news Chanel. As a oriya news Chanel u r focusing more on orissa..Thats good.Try to improve your brand value. Make your presence available all over india and world also by sending your journalist to various location. Specially send Kuna Tripathy to Iraq and Syria. And send video clip directly from ISIS territory for newsfuse

  18. Kuna Sir,
    This is first time I am watching online. And first timr I am requesting OTV. Everytime I felt that whenever matter is solved, those people previously proved wrong due to some reason should be thanked for doing the good (let the reason be OTV).
    Jay maa Odisha…


  19. otv re kama karuthiba sabu membar nku mora thanks… apana mananka jogu ame mane bohut sikhya pauchu thanks otv….

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